Minerva custom tweed for surgical training kits.
Minerva custom wood case, box for skull sculpture customer appreciation gift.

YOu have a packaging need. we have a strategy.


We listen and learn about your company and  meet your needs, timelines and budget.

Minerva History

Since 1927 our family has provided customers with made to order products. Four generations strong, starting with the Gaudette Leather Goods factory in Massachusetts. A contract design manufacturing business, specializing in  personal leather goods, leather wrapped cases, turned edge work, sewn cases and portfolios. 

Minerva custom case for acrylic block display for trade shows.

"Premier Cases, On Point"

Designs That Work

We make creative, targeted suggestions.

Our Client Commitment

We build sturdy cases and strong relationships.

Acrylic and aluminum lighted display with AC and battery power.

Forward Thinking

Our team's history brings clarity to your future needs.